Natural Lifestyle: Tidy Up Your Own Household

Enjoying an all-natural life means different things to different people, but one thing that it should mean to everyone, and that is using less chemicals in your house. Using fewer chemicals in our foods, having less chemicals in the air we all breathe or using fewer chemicals in our cleaners are examples of using less chemicals in the home.

Dangers of Household Cleaners

Quite a few household cleaners are loaded with chemical substances. You’ll find that many of the chemicals we use for cleaning are very dangerous if inhaled on a regular basis. These kinds of chemicals can certainly cause acute skin irritations and breathing problems. Phenol or cresol are a pair of chemicals in many disinfectants that have the ability to damage the central nervous system, pancreas, kidneys, liver and spleen. Your longevity and quality of life varies according to what amount of chemicals you use in your home. Killing off germs may be what they are designed for, but why would you not think that they won’t eventually kill yourself off, too.

A germ-free setting is what a lot of people want their home to be like, but that can weaken their immune-system. Your own immune-system will not be active in a germ-free environment so when germs actually show up, you will become seriously ill. Oven cleaning solutions would be the most toxic of all the household cleaners. These products have extremely potent fumes making it very hazardous to inhale. You could have breathing problems by inhaling the cleaners plus they can eat away at your skin because they contain ammonia and lye.

Baking Soda Cleaning Solution

Baking soda and water is one of the safest and most natural method to clean your oven. It is easy as putting on the mixture and leaving it inside the oven overnight, then scrub away in the morning. You simply won’t need to worry about inhaling dangerous chemicals. Synthetic air fresheners may be dangerous because there are agents that can damage nerves. You can lose your sense of smell so aroma-therapy oils usually are a better option. It truly is important these days to find more gentle and natural ways to keep your home clean, especially since asthma and other respiratory illnesses are at an all-time high. Using all-natural cleaning products will help you deal with everyday dirt and grime.

These non-toxic products will be great for the health of your body, good for the environment, and are not even tested on animals. Be aware that some companies might claim their products are all-natural but they may not be. Take the time to always go through the product labels to see what’s inside before you buy.

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